Get a New Computer. Take Over the World.

There's something empowering about getting a new computer. Whether you really become any more productive or not, just knowing that you have a faster, sleeker, more powerful machine is exciting, exhilarating, inspiring and everything else that gets you hyped about all the new possibilities that are open to you with your latest technology.

I've tweeted and posted about my new Macbook over the last few days. It's not even a week old and I've grown as attached to it as I was to my old Powerbook G4 and then some. For those of us who rely on our technology for entertainment and enterprise, being able to talk with my brother via streaming video and audio in realtime over a USB broadband connection while checking my social networking accounts and writing a blog post all without missing a beat was sheer nirvana.

This was just the thing I needed to take my online initiatives to the next level. Will it really make a significant difference? Who knows, but just knowing I have a shiny toy that can handle whatever I can throw at it will keep me actively engaged in finding new and different ways to exploit its capabilities while furthering my entrepreneurial pursuits.

And it don't stop.

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