Use BANS to Turn Your Favorite Products Into Niche Profit Opportunities

If you're a big fan of a product or service, consider using that passion in an affiliate marketing opportunity where you promote what you love and make money in the process.

If you don't already know it, I love Apple computers and media products. I grew up on Apple in high school when they were first using the education market to establish a presence in the computing industry. I've owned a desktop, a couple of laptops, several iPods and an iPhone and I sing the virtues of Apple's style, design, and ease of use whenever I get an opportunity to influence a new convert.

Apple offers limited opportunities for affiliate sales but why wait on them when I can become an affiliate salesperson for so many others who are offering new or used Apple equipment in one of the biggest online shopping marketplaces in the world–Ebay.

I've made good money on Ebay by selling my used electronics as a means of funding my new purchases. While tweeting a few days ago, someone asked me about my Ebay sales and whether I was using Build A Niche Site (BANS) software for my sales. I answered no and was intrigued enough by the question to investigatd what this BANS stuff is all about. It turns out that BANS is a script that you can use to easily set up a niche site that pulls Ebay auction content onto your pages for paid commissions when folks click your links and easy residual income provided your site receives enough actionable traffic.

It's not terribly expensive and reminds me of the Squidoo concept but is focused exclusively on Ebay product classifications. It's worth a shot and I will spend the weekend working on my first Ebay niche affiliate site,

Like I said, it's all about converting passion to profit. And I loves me some macs.

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