Use Mind Mapping Software to Brainstorm Your World Domination

Web/Tech / Thursday, February 12th, 2009

You may recall my earlier post about taking my show on the road and exploring opportunities to share my online expertise with the offline business community. Well, I'm preparing an in-person launch of my marketing firm at a business exposition this summer. I'll be at Indiana Black Expo–one of the largest if not the largest African-American entrepreneurial exposition in the country. As I prepare, I searched for a mind-mapping tool to help me with organizing my thoughts in a free form thinking structure. FreeMind is an open source tool that fills the need nicely. You can see my early thoughts below and I'll add to them over the next few days until I have a comprehensive plan mapped out.

Preparing for Indiana Black Expo

I did this in just a few minutes while watching some TV and sipping on a glass of wine. If you're working on a fairly substantial project where you want to capture the proper level of detail while allowing your creative energies to flow without being constrained by structure, I recommend the use of a mind mapping tool. I'm also a very visual person and the electronic map provides an easy way to save my work digitally while providing some of the graphic benefits of working from a sheet of paper or on a whiteboard.

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