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Don’t Let Distractions Become Your Undoing

This is a post that I began writing some time ago and then I got caught up in other things and don't believe it was ever posted to my blog. As you can see, I've been busy and haven't had an update here in a few days. I was busy doing productive and profitable

Explaining How You Make Money Online

Because there will be doubters. When you tell people that you're an internet marketer or online entrepreneur, most will assume the worst. If they believe that you do make a decent income through your internet efforts, they will probably think that you engage in spam techniques or that you run some type of adult

Twitter as Art. Check out My Twitter Mosaic

Thanks to for tipping me off to Twitter Mosaic. Get your twitter mosaic here.

The Best Kept Secret in Internet Marketing: The Internet Marketing Files

I've been quietly working on a real sweetheart of a website and it's time to take the wraps off and release it to the public. Join now before I close the doors as I prepare for Phase 2. Phase 1 members will have access to all three phases! This is a copy of my

Why Do I Publish IMTips on Twitter?

Twitter is a great platform for connecting with others and engaging in quick conversations or sharing useful information. Many celebrities and businesspeople use Twitter to provide fans and followers with updates about appearances or new products and ventures. Using simple text messages, Twitter has become the networking nervous system for millions of of 140

iTouch Internet Marketing

This isn’t a long post as it’s really a test of the Typepad iTouch application that I just downloaded from the iTunes Application Store. My earlier attempts to blog remotely with a smartphone were never too successful so I’m hopeful that things have improved. The iTouch is a perfect companion to a smartphone and