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Web/Tech / Thursday, March 5th, 2009

This isn’t a long post as it’s really a test of the Typepad iTouch application that I just downloaded from the iTunes Application Store. My earlier attempts to blog remotely with a smartphone were never too successful so I’m hopeful that things have improved.

The iTouch is a perfect companion to a smartphone and laptop computer. I was and still am a fan of converged devices, but only to the extent that technology and mobile provider contracts make convergence practical. If my converged device means I’m stuck with the same hardware for two years with limited memory and battery life, then I’d rather have a separate, large-memory, long-battery life iPod for multimedia and a powerful phone for high-speed Internet access and texting. Nothing beats having all your music and videos/movies with you all the time. Wifi on your media device is an added bonus and it seems that the iPod is becoming an outstanding gaming platform in it’s own right.

If this post appears in the same fashion as those I post from my desktop, you can expect that I’ll be making several more whenever the mood strikes me.

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