The Best Kept Secret in Internet Marketing: The Internet Marketing Files

I've been quietly working on a real sweetheart of a website and it's time to take the wraps off and release it to the public. Join now before I close the doors as I prepare for Phase 2. Phase 1 members will have access to all three phases!

This is a copy of my introductory letter:

Tired of scouring the internet for the best resources related to Internet Marketing?

we've spent the last two years doing the work for you and I've compiled
a repository of resources of personal resources that will ensure that
you become an instant marketer who enjoys success and profits while
building your expertise and product porfolio. I've filled my hard drive
with stuff that I can't possibly find time to create separate product
pages and market and it's easier for me to provide you access to these
outstanding finds so that you can use them to grow your business.

We've done all the work for you and collected the best products together in one place!

PDF's, MP3 Audio, Video, tools, templates, graphics, scripts–it's all here!

This is one of the only place on the internet where you are provided
access to hundreds of resources that I’ve culled through months of
intense internet marketing research. Some are original content by
myself or other proficient marketers that are exclusive to this site, others are selectly distributed private label rights
content that you are free to modify and use under your own name as you
wish. Still other resources here are hard-to-find complete product packages that you
can upload to your server and begin selling immediately with sales
letters, email messages, graphics, and everything else you need to
become an instant internet marketer.

We have gigabytes of actionable files and information for immediate profit.

Bookmark this site and Be Warned: You can spend days going through the
information contained in the Internet Marketing Files. The key is to
use a few resources to assist you in taking action, gaining traction,
and producing profit. Return to your files as necessary and use more of the information
there to take your growth to the next level. Get a preview of what's Inside our Files.

marketers don't pay for online content and spend their nights trying to
produce products that pale in comparison to what is available in the
Internet Marketing Files. Fewer still take the time to maximize the
value they can get out of products that they purchase with rights to
rebrand, repackage, reproduce, reconfigure, or resell their purchased
product as email courses, seminars, MP3's, PDF, email autorespnder
messages or any other number of ways to multiply the value of these

This is it–content you can use for years and no worthless junk.

site will provide you with core content that you can use for years. I
love to learn and research the latest and greatest information on
internet marketing–I mean the real substantive material, not worthless
junk–and I will upload all of what I develop, purchase, and repurpose
here with appropriate rights for your use (Resell Rights, Master Resell
Rights, Private Label Rights, etc.).

Feel free to let us know how you like our
Files. We’re happy to add new categories or other resources that you
don’t see here to our continuously growing repository of hundreds of
files. Take
advantage of an excellent opportunity to expand your internet marketing
education by using our files for your own benefit and then sell your
own version of this branded knowledge to others.
provide you all the licenses and tools that you need to start
immediately! It's the ideal personal investment that provides long-term

Phenomenal success is within your reach, grab it.

All the best,

Iceman Baldy, The Internet Marketing Files

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