Why Do I Publish IMTips on Twitter?

Twitter is a great platform for connecting with others and engaging in
quick conversations or sharing useful information. Many celebrities and
businesspeople use Twitter to provide fans and followers with updates
about appearances or new products and ventures. Using simple text
messages, Twitter has become the networking nervous system for millions
of of 140 character messages sent around the planet every day all day.

people weren't sure what if any benefit Twitter could provide for
productive use. Sure, there are lots of people who provide "tweets"
that are nothing more than global greetings or updates about what they
just ate or where they happen to be the moment. Some of these tweets
are interesting, and many are not but most of the time these tweets
provide some background personality that helps the sender connect with
others who are using Twitter and considering becoming followers.

in Twitter occurs when important and helpful information is provided in
a tweet. I've received value when someone has posted a link that I've
found helpful or when someone has shared an opinion or review that was
particularly pertinent.

IMTips (use #IMTip in a Twitter search)
is my way of sharing value through sharing brief but substantive
internet marketing tips with the Twitter community. By sharing these
tips, I establish myself an an expert that others follow. Once they
follow me and visit my profile, they get a sense of my others sites and
I receive increased traffic and exposure as a result.

you've seen my IMTips and find them helpful. If you would like a copy
of all the tips, please subscribe to my feed as discussed later on this
lens at http://feeds.tweetlater.com/17/icemanbaldy/.

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