Explaining How You Make Money Online

Because there will be doubters.

When you tell people that you're an internet marketer or online
entrepreneur, most will assume the worst. If they believe that you
do make a decent income through your internet efforts, they will
probably think that you engage in spam techniques or that you run
some type of adult website or online gambling operation. They might
figure that you just sell a lot of stuff on Ebay.

You can educate those who don't know while further developing your
business in the process. Spammers are a small percentage of those
individuals who make money online and because spamming is largely
ineffective, those folks don't stay around long. Explain this fact
to those who you believe need to be armed with accurate information.

Use your own email marketing as an example. Explain that each and
every person that receives your email messages has signed up and
provided their specific approval to be sent your email messages.
Your subscription process is a lot like receiving a newspaper or
magazine. Once an individual becomes a subscriber, they receive
valuable information in addition to some advertising that is
targeted to meet their needs and expose them to other opportunities
that you recommend.

If you sell eBooks online, you can explain to people that you're a
bit like a book publisher, but all of the books you publish are in
digital format. You can tell them that instead of paying a lot of
extra money for the printing, binding, marketing, and shipping of a
physical book, you eliminate those costs by selling all of your
books as downloadable products.

If people still don't understand, you could even show them what an
eBook is by letting them view one on your computer. If your main
business is advertising affiliate products, you can tell people
you're in advertising.

Explain to them that you run a website (or websites) and you place
advertising on that website. Every time someone clicks an ad and
purchases something, you receive a commission. If you make most of
your money through AdSense or selling advertising on your sites,
you can simply tell people that you place advertisements on your
websites, and you charge advertisers for that ad space.

If you want to, you could show them some of your sites or blogs to
illustrate the point. Some people feel more comfortable just
telling people they design websites. If you're a decent website
builder, this will probably really impress people, but be prepared
to get requests from people asking if you'll make them a site, too.

If you don't want to deal with all of the questions about spamming
and porn, just telling someone you design websites will usually be
enough to throw them off your trail. If people are particularly
persistent with their questions, you can start to point out some
examples of people who have been very successful making money

Don't just use examples of famous Internet marketers like John
Reese or Yanik Silver! Use some examples with verifiable "proof" in
mainstream media. For example, the famous "make money" blogger
John Chow has a number of stories out there about him.

There's also teenaged entrepreneur Ashley Squalls who has made
mainstream news in a big way by making over $70,000 per month with
advertising on her site that gives away MySpace layouts. And of
course, the infamous Perez Hilton – a celebrity blogger who cashes
in on the ad space his blog has.

You should try to realize that some people will just never
understand what you do. Try to explain it the best way you can,
and if it doesn't work, accept it. Some people just won't get it.
If the in-laws or your spouse are nagging you because your money
isn't yet streaming in, and you feel pressured, put together a
simple presentation that answers all of their questions and puts
their minds at ease.

The more you can include people in your business or provide some
ways for them to see and experience what you do, the more your work
become legitimate and credible until the money begins to flow. Once
you start living the internet lifestyle, you'll be surprised at how
fast the questions go away.

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