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What to Do When You Run out of Things to Blog or Tweet About

Keep blogging and tweeting long enough and at some point, you'll feel like you've run out of interesting things to post for your readers. When you get to that point, here are a few tips to help you break through a temporary bit of writer's block. Review aggregated posts. If you use a tool

Wanna Be a Rockstar Internet Marketer?

I've revamped my Rockstar Internet Marketing page to feature separate page links to content that I previously featured on a separate WordPress blog ( that I've decided to integrate within this blog as featured content. The prior featured content page was a list of all these articles on one page which made for easy

The Rockstar Internet Marketer’s Definition of Internet Marketing

As many who have decided to become internet marketers have discovered, there is no formal training program or certification examination that you can pass to become an expert internet marketer. There are great courses provided by others who have learned from experience gained through tons of time and money but most of us seem

Rockstar Internet Marketers Know that It’s Not Enough to Have a Website

Unfortunately, having a great website does not guarantee that people will visit it. It needs to be promoted and to be able to do that, you must be aware of effective promotional strategies that actually work! The Internet isn’t just a medium to communicate with people known to you. It’s a great platform to

Three Ways to Increase Your Site’s “Promotability”

Knowledge as to which sites you visit (and why) can help to a large extent to make your site worth accessing by people, your friends and colleagues. The site preferably should be as promotable as possible. The factor of promotability is far more superior and stands of greater priority than promotion. It can be

Four Keys to Effective Email Marketing

One of the most important tools that you can use in your Internet marketing is electronic mail, better known as e-mail. It helps you to communicate with your visitors or customers easily, is extremely cost effective, and it is much more responsive than snail mail. You have a wide variety of email programs to

Crank Up Your Internet Marketing with These Great Tools

While establishing a business, the first thing you need to consider upon is the quality of the tools you are using. There are a number of free tools out there available online and they can be excellent ways to enhance your online business. Some of these tools are: – 1) Alexa toolbar: It’s a

Spam Free Email Marketing for Maximum Success

The best way to use e-mail to develop your online business is by creating a double opt-in list using autoresponders like Aweber or GetResponse. I use Aweber and highly recommend it. Autoresponders help you to manage your email lists and can be set up to send scheduled messages to segments of your list at

Nine Gotta Gets You Gotta Get to Get Money Online

There are countless internet marketers who want to prosper in their online businesses and they’re wondering what things they really need to get right to get things going and make some money online. I was one of them who stumbled through what seemed more like art than science until I began to see themes

Why Squidoo Makes Good Marketing Sense

Squidoo is a remarkable resource for Internet marketers.  It’s one of several interactive, multi-media web environments that is considered a web 2.0 site. The Squidoo interface allows users to create “lenses” which are individual pages hosted on the domain that promote user expertise in a specific topical area. You may be wondering what’s