Crank Up Your Internet Marketing with These Great Tools

News / Sunday, April 12th, 2009

While establishing a business, the first thing you need to consider
upon is the quality of the tools you are using. There are a number of
free tools out there available online and they can be excellent ways to
enhance your online business.

Some of these tools are: –

1) Alexa toolbar: It’s a free link provider evaluation tool. For
business purposes, its one of the most useful tools available on the
Internet. Alexa is a toolbar that opens up on any web page whenever you
go online. The most useful feature of this tool is the ‘site info’
option. When you click on this button, you will be able to see all the
details of the website you are on, like the traffic ranking of that
site, the contact information of the owner of that site, and other
websites linked to that site.

If you are looking for link partnerships or joint ventures, this
information provides you with high traffic websites in your industry.
You click on a button on the toolbar for viewing the other popular or
similar websites that might be good linking partners for your business.

This toolbar also contains a Google search option, which can help
you to directly jump into the search engine.  The toolbar can be
downloaded from

2) Google toolbar: One of the very important things you need to
consider upon while building a successful business is to research your
competitors and your target market. This process can be supported by
the Google toolbar.

  • Google Search: Search for your keywords within billions of web pages.
  • Search news: Find news and stories relevant to your website, like
    ezines, blogs, etc. Keep up with latest developments in your market.
  • Web Directory search: Search through Google’s directory for sites
  • that match your search terms. Find out how many potential competitors you have in the market.
  • Search Froogle: It’s a special search engine for online shoppers.
    All the new products launched, their prices, the services attached to
    them, everything can be seen in Froogle search.

3) Netmechanic: Net Mechanic is a tool kit resource that offers a
number of free trials that are great for locating potential problems
with your website fixes them immediately. It can repair any sort of
problem – HTML code errors, browser display problems, broken links, etc.

4) Nvu: This is a free downloadable WYSIWUG (What You See Is What
You Get) HTML editor, which is similar to front page. WYSIWUG means
that you can see what your web page will look like as you are creating
it. With the help of this software, you don’t need to spend money on
HTML editors or web designing software to create your own website. You
can create a very professional website without any knowledge of HTML
and even if you are interested to create your website on your own, Nvu
provides you with excellent HTML tutorials. I often use Nvu to
customize squeeze pages that I purchase with private label rights from
other internet marketers.

5) Word tracker: This software helps you to easily track those
keywords that are being used most in the search engines. You can also
find what your competitors are up to!

6) AnyBrowser: AnyBrowser offers you every tool that you will
require for your website to be viewable in any web browser. For
example, Site Viewer allows you see your web pages as surfers view them
on multiple browsers. AnyBrowser will provide you with all the
requirements of any web browser to make sure your website looks its
best no matter what browser your visitors are using.

Give at least three of these tools a trial run and determine whether
or not they provide value for you as you manage and promote your
website and/or weblog.

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