Spam Free Email Marketing for Maximum Success

The best way to use e-mail to develop your online business is by creating a double opt-in list using autoresponders like Aweber
or GetResponse. I use Aweber and highly recommend it. Autoresponders
help you to manage your email lists and can be set up to send scheduled
messages to segments of your list at whatever frequency you determine.
List members receive messages according to a sequential order or you
can broadcast messages to the entire list independent of timing.

This is great for long-time members of your  list who might be
receiving their hundredth message about updates related to your
products while someone who joins your list today receives your first
welcome message for newcomers. Once you’ve written a message once and
loaded it into the autoresponder, the  autoresponder takes care of
maintaining contact with your subscribers sending your loaded messages
automatically as often as you like while you work on other aspects of
your business.

I’m using an my autoresponder to send a weekly email course on
Internet Marketing to those who sign up for the course. My subscribers
get a weekly tips email from me every week on whatever day they joined
the list.

Double opt-in list

A double opt-in list means that a subscriber requests the mailing
then receives a verification email from the mailing list telling him
that he must follow certain steps to verify his intentions to
subscribe. Double opt-in is literally a method of getting someone to
agree twice to receive future emails from you. It eliminates the
potential that someone would receive unsolicited, unwanted email (SPAM)
by requiring that a subscriber give his verified consent. Double opt-in
is becoming the standard process for permission-based email marketing.

Be cautious when you read about double opt-in mailing lists for ads
or sale offers. There are a lot of ill-intended marketers that send out
spam to millions of customers regardless of whether it’s a double opt
in or not. You also want to be sure that before you subscribe to any
list, use care to make certain that the list owner does not plan to
sell your information to other marketers who may then use it
unscrupulously or continue selling and sharing your email address with
others. The whole intent of double opt-in is to prevent the receipt of
email that  you don’t want.

Email advertising via Email Newsletters

In an earlier post, I discussed the use of email to market your
business. Now that you understand the importance of double opt-in to
eliminate SPAM, I’d like to further discuss some ways to promote your
business via email. Everything that we do online should help to grow
our enterprise. Most autoresponder applications allow you to feature
special content in each mailing delivered to your group. You can
usually use the header or footer in addition to special templates that
offer other formatting options. You can also include your affiliate
links in the body of the message. A weekly emailed newsletter to the
subscribers on your list provides the opportunity to conduct subtle
advertising campaigns in conjunction with your stellar content.

The key to any opt-in list is to provide nothing less than top notch
products or recommendations. This is the only reason why most people
will sign up to receive your information in the first place. You can
provide valuable information through email newsletters, and by
constantly providing your readers with valuable information, you can
build up a relationship with people who would actually like to buy some
of your products.

Email newsletters are a great way to build up your business.
Encourage your subscribers to share the email message with other people
and include a link to join your list in the body of the letter–you are
always on the look out for new list subscribers.

Other Thoughts

Email marketing can be used to improve customer relations with your
clients, to increase your responsiveness with prospects, and to promote
your business to subscribers and non-subscribers alike. Give some
thought to using email marketing to develop new methods of
communicating your value whether by newsletter, email courses, free
articles and resources, tips lists or other methods where a message
from you is regarded as an highly-regarded, electronic treat. Never,
ever send broadcasted or individual email messages to people with whom
you have no relation or logical connection. SPAM will not only irritate
the recipient and if complaints are made to your internet service
provider (ISP) or webhost, you can find yourself quickly on the losing
end of terminated service with little recourse but to start
over…completely. There is one cardinal rule in internet marketing: Do
not spam. Ever.

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