Three Ways to Increase Your Site’s “Promotability”

Knowledge as to which sites you visit (and why) can help to a large
extent to make your site worth accessing by people, your friends and
colleagues. The site preferably should be as promotable as possible.
The factor of promotability is far more superior and stands of greater
priority than promotion. It can be implemented by the addition of extra
site elements that practically cost nothing but provide you with
greater dimensions of promotion. Standing out alone or as the first to
offer a certain drawing card, makes you lay down the track for serious

Promotability Begins with Valuable Content
Your focus should center on the interests and requirements of your targeted visitors, for example:

  • Articles, book excerpts, tips, FAQs (frequently asked questions).
  • Reference information and resources (online and offline).
  • Checklists for the actions your customers take in relation to your
  • Products and services.
  • Educational information with applicable case studies.
  • Ratings, recommendations, and reviews.
  • Statistics, topical humor, inspirational quotes.
  • Sales and special deals on your products and services.

A greater number of changes, frequently altered features and a
larger number of eye catching segments lead to persuasive trafficking
as more and more people make return visits and bookmark your site. If
your business is sensitive to alterations in seasons, it is advisable
to monitor your content changes in relation to the existing time of the

Promotability is Enhanced by Interactive Features
Puzzles, riddles, quizzes, and contests are all excellent options for
allowing your site give an extremely good feeling about your company to
your visitors and encourage them to stick around longer and potentially
convert into buyers. If fun does not relate well with your image, use
of more appropriate widgets is advisable. A more dignified business
does well with interactive features like surveys where you ask people
to register their point of view on a topic of importance or concern and
subsequently provide them with voting trends of other people, either
instantly or after a certain date

You can exchange messages with others on a message board or forum.
This might involve people describing problems and asking for solutions,
people offering suggestions, recommendations and more.
Interactions and feedbacks are efficient modalities for you to boost up your return traffic.

You can offer a signup to receive e-mail announcements of additions
to your site – new articles, new specials, contest results, further
installments of your case studies, and so on.

Promotability is Ensured by the Latest News and Information
Syndicators can provide licensed, up-to-the-minute information in the
form of localized weather reports, stock prices, currency exchange
rates, sports scores or lowest airfare that get installed at your site.
RSS feeds provide alternative sources of information where visitors can
use your site as a single source portal that links them to a variety of
helpful content. Make sure that the content suits your topic and that
you have the permission of the author to publish the content.

The creation of an attractive and exciting site leads to higher
number of visits. Once this is accomplished, you are ready to cultivate
traffic by linking your site to others in a way that invites additional

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