Personal Productivity: Should You Get an iPhone 3GS or a Palm Pre?

The reviews of both of these outstanding phones are starting to hit the internet. I've been a fan of the iPhone and before that Palm Treos and Centros. The Palm Pre changes Palms approach to the smartphone game entirely and promises to be a multi-tasking, web application miniature beast of a device while the iPhone 3GS is faster and more feature-rich than it's world class predecessor. I have mobile contracts with both AT&T (iPhone) and Sprint (Pre). So what should I do?

For now, nothing. It's still early but time really isn't the issue for me. Cost is the issue. The Pre may be the better monthly value with it's $99 simply everything plan which really includes everything–unlimited voice, data and texting. The best I can get with the iPhone is a $99 unlimited national plan in addition to another $30 for data and $20 for unlimited text–$50 more per month. It won't be cheap to get either phone as it means new service agreements and associated fees.

What are your thoughts? Will loyal iPhone users be tempted to give up style, functionality and promises of even faster network speeds to come for the solid compact looks, dedicated sliding keyboard and multi-tasking capabilities of the Pre? Things are getting really interesting on the mobile scene and once pricing is adjusted even further after all the hype dies down, it may be a good time to make a new decision.

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