The Perfect Camera for Entrepreneurs: Canon SX10 IS

First things first: I love this camera. A step up from your run-of-the-mill point and shoot camera but not quite as complicated as a DSLR, the Canon PowerShot SX10 IS is the perfect blend of ease and sophistication for creative entrepreneurs. With this 10 megapixel, superzoom camera, you have a wide variety of shooting opportunities at your command in addition to the ability to use the camera as an outstanding video camcorder.

I bought this camera last week and I've been amazed by its picture quality and versatility. I've taken shots ranging from extreme close-up shots where I've had to be careful not to bump the lens against the subject to amazingly clear and detailed telephoto shots of an artist performing on a stage where I was several rows back and couldn't possibly have captured facial expressions otherwise. You can record video while taking pictures with the quick push of a button and use the zoom lens while capturing video with stereo sound.

For entrepreneurs, the marketing opportunities with this camera are amazing. If you haven't been using video on your websites or via posting sites like YouTube, this camera makes it easy as the video you shoot is readily available from your memory card. Battery life isn't a problem since you can use either high capacity, rechargeable nickel-metal hydride batteries (NiMH) or regular AA batteries if your rechargeables wear out and you need something in a pinch. Your product, facility, or people photos will look crisp and clear on your websites and promotional materials.

it's not a pocketable camera but also not quite as bulky as what the pros carry. It doesn't scream tourist and you can be certain that it conveys a message of someone who is serious about thier pictures. Fully automatic for novices and beginners alike but chock full of enough manual options that you can become a serious photographer at your own pace, the SX10 IS is a great value for under $400.

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