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How to Keep All Your Balls in the Air at One Time

Perverts begone–this post is about staying focused in the midst of multiple priorities and multiple things to do in an effort to grow your business when you have more work than hours in the day or days in a week. We've all been there at one time or another–from periods of gross inactivity and

The Way of the Twitter Master: Twitter + Ning = BlackWebpreneur

BlackWebpreneur received a breath of new life with the announcement of a Twitter account that network members can use to stay in contact with each other and me as the network administrator via tweets that provide RSS network updates. Additonally, any new blogs or other member contributions will be fed to the Twitter account

Mobile Blogging the iPhone Way

It’s taken almost six years for me to find a mobile tool that could allow me to blog from anywhere by simply using a cell phone with a data plan. The iPhone 3GS has suceeded where all have failed in the past. The problem before now hasn’t been the iPhone’s rendering of websites or

..and So I Decided to Start Another Weblog.

As if I wasn't busy enough already, earlier today I was thinking about how to help someone in a new business with getting things off the ground by building their business relationships via a stronger online brand. I began to suggest a variety of internet marketing tools and resources that she might find helpful

Much Respect for Blog It

Okay, so I’m getting refamiliar with having an iPhone again after giving it up for an AT&T Fuze. It’s faster and has some features that were deal breakers before so I wondered if it could now truly become a remote blogging device. The answer is a resounding yes especially when you use a program