..and So I Decided to Start Another Weblog.

As if I wasn't busy enough already, earlier today I was thinking
about how to help someone in a new business with getting things off the
ground by building their business relationships via a stronger online
brand. I began to suggest a variety of internet marketing tools and
resources that she might find helpful and asked myself how many times
I'd repeated these same suggestions to others. I then thought, what if
I put all of my best tips and resources on a weblog that I could simply
refer them to that would also act as an expert page for other products
and services that I could recommend for even greater help and support?

some of what I do on this site fills that need but this new site would
be strictly focused on helping individuals and smaller businesses to
build an effective web presence by demonstrating the actual tools as
features of the site. That way, when I talk about using Twitter or
building a list, the interested individual gets to see it and
experience it in a real life example that better illustrates the

Look for EffectiveWebPresence.com to be up and
running soon. I bought the domain today and now I'm evaluating the best
blogging platform options for building the site over the next few days.

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