How to Keep All Your Balls in the Air at One Time

Perverts begone–this post is about staying focused in the midst of multiple priorities and multiple things to do in an effort to grow your business when you have more work than hours in the day or days in a week.

We've all been there at one time or another–from periods of gross inactivity and what may seem like neglect for our business or certain aspects of our marketing campaign to frenzied excitement about some new concept or tool that we just can't get implemented quickly enough.

I'm preparing for a weekend trip to New York that is entirely for pleasure but I've had a recent flash of inspiration that has me excited about new possibilities for my two weblogs, my social network, my forum, and my product site not to mention new ways of connecting them all with an improved approach to utilizing networking tools. It seems like my head is overflowing with great ideas and a new idea hits me before I've had a chance to fully explore the one I was just considering.

So what to do? I've always been a fan of notebooks to capture thoughts but the result has been a bunch of small notebooks in various places with thoughts scattered between them. It's good to have a couple notebooks in a few key places–near your bed, in the car, at your desk–and since I travel quite a bit, I also need notebooks that are easy to pack and carry along with me. I decided to buy a larger, thicker notebook with unlined pages and flexible covers so that I have something to fully document new ideas. Hopefully this new notebook will help me to consolidate some of the others. Documented ideas are of no use if you can't find them later.

That brings me what is perhaps the biggest point I want to make with this post. At the very beginning of my new notebook, I've used the first page to write two words separated by a line between them: Document and Implement. If you want to give life to your ideas and progressively move your business along, you've got to write things down and then commit to doing them.

This simple habit has helped me to narrow my focus down to five inter-related but independent initiatives that I can manage during the timeframe I've established for this effort. Some of the posts that follow this one will go into more detail about how I'm exploiting the inter-related nature of each initiative to to keep them all going at the same time.

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