Profit from Prospecting: Index Your Weblog

News / Sunday, August 23rd, 2009

I began blogging in April of 2002. Since that time, I've posted 596 entries to this blog alone and started several other blogs, forums, and communities. it's easy to forget what you've posted over that span of time. I'm often surprised and pleased to read some of my older archived posts that are especially good or that have provided some great insight that I can still use today. Instead of keeping those posts buried in my archives, I'm going to read every one of the entries I've posted on this weblog and index my favorites by categories and pages so that you can easily find "the good stuff" without having to wade through months of content. Most people won't wander through the archives anyway and most of what folks find there is based on search engine submissions where that content may rank high because of past interest.

By indexing and featuring your best content, you give your readers additional resources to follow and use your existing content to provide your weblog with depth. Sometimes, the most recent post on your site doesn't give new readers a full sense of the breadth of your expertise and featured content links provide them with a more comprehensive perspective on your writing and content. You may even find that something you wrote in the past is even more relevant today or that your knowledge of a subject has grown so much that you can add to a post in a new and exciting way to make it even better for republishing.

New and novel content will keep your readers coming back for more but sometimes you've got golden nuggests of solid material sitting in your own archives waiting for you to mine it for even greater value. Start profiting from your prospecting.

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