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Day 5 (and more on Day 4) of Building a Better Blog

I've been spending the last few days visiting blogs that I like and modifying my own blog where appropriate to include features that work to make my own blog more attractive. I've focused on few areas and I hope you've seen some difference: I've decided to use a bolder template to make the immediate

Google Analytics Update: Let the Good Times Roll

You may recall my earlier post about installing Google Analytics. The good news is that in less than a month, I've managed to attract 93 visitors to the weblog. As you'll see in the graph below, 33% of those visitors are the result of direct traffic, 42% from referring sites, and 25% from search

Iceman Baldy’s Organizational Design: Part Two of A Three Part Review

In Part One, I covered my primary interests along six priorities. In Part Two, I'll review secondary and support initiatives that assist me in promoting Iceman Baldy sites and services which include: Squidoo lenses Twitter accounts for Iceman Baldy and BlackWebpreneur A Facebook profile and Fan page A LinkedIn profile Ning network marketing Part

Iceman Baldy’s Organizational Design: Part One of A Three Part Review

I’m taking stock of what I’ve been working on during the past few months and evaluating where I’m most effective and what I need to work on more. This post is as much an exercise in documenting my current thoughts so that I can better focus my efforts as it is an opportunity to

From Many Lists to One–The BlackWebpreneur VIP List

Over the many years that I've been online creating an effective web presence, I've been asked about tips and tricks by both new and seasoned marketers alike. I've created many sites and used a variety of email lists to maintain contact with my audiences over time. It's now time to focus on a few

Spent the Weekend Doing the Ning Thing

Tips on using Ning to promote your products and services.

Day Four of Building a Better Blog: Analyzing Other Blogs

I've spent the last couple of days looking at blogs that I admire and running some analytics to determine what works best for those sites in helping them to achieve the kinds of page ranking in search engines and visitor traffic that I aspire to have for my own weblog. It's a good idea

Welcome to Our New BlackWebpreneur Network Members!

Hopefully you're enjoying our network site and haven't encountered any problems finding us or navigating the network. We've been working on optimizing our domain names ( and as well as integrating network updates with our Twitter account for automatic updates. You can follow us on Twitter at BlackWebpreneur to keep up to speed

Learning & Development Featured Content

This page highlights favorite informational posts that will likely develop into white papers offered by our learning & development organization, Iceman Baldy Institute. Five Phenomenal Forces for Social Networking Good Amplify Your Voice and Become a One Voice Online Marketing Choir Don’t Let Distractions Become Your Undoing How to Profit from Combining Facebook and

Days Two and Three of Building a Better Blog: The List Post

It's Day Two (and Day Three as you'll read shortly) in my efforts to Build a Better Blog and I just published a list post about my five favorite social marketing sites. It's a good read and I followed up on promoting it by bookmarking it on StumbleUpon and Promotion of a list