The Apple Aproach to Constantly Capable Computing

I've spent the weekend working on various projects that I've put off repeatedly and finally decided to dedicate some time to completing. After importing video from my camcorder to letter writing, compiling a project plan, cataloging photos and cleaning up my hard drive, I have come to the conclusion that the Apple products in my life make doing these things easy and fun.

Apple's software is fairly intuitive and all of the pre-loaded designs are easily customized so that you can make what are already very good templates even better by adding your own text and media. The tight integration of software with hardware can take some getting used to initially but soon becomes second nature. Internet projects involving websites with pictures, video, and music couldn't be easier.

When I'm away from my MacBook, my iPhone serves as a capable replacement giving me full access to my email, my online files, photos, music, contacts, videos and everything else that I could want to carry around in a slim stylish device. I prefer my iPhone 3GS to my Blackberry and any other phone I have ever used and rarely leave home without it.

Like others who love working with Apple products, I'm drawn to the latest and greatest from Cupertino and often find myself walking through an Apple Store to check out what's new and briefly connect with other Mac fans. Although I'm not an Apple zealot who believes that Apple products are completely without faults, I've found that they provide a constantly capable computing experience. Each device provides a rock-solid user interface and delivers on it's promise of being fit for purpose while exceeding expectations.

There is a danger in being too connected all the time but Apple makes being productive fun, stylish, and unbelievably easy while allowing each of us to further explore our creative genius.

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