Welcome to Our New BlackWebpreneur Network Members!

BlackWebpreneur / Saturday, September 12th, 2009

Hopefully you're enjoying our network site and haven't encountered any problems
finding us or navigating the network. We've been working on optimizing
our domain names (BlackWebpreneur.com and BlackWebpreneurs.com) as well
as integrating network updates with our Twitter account for automatic
updates. You can follow us on Twitter at BlackWebpreneur to keep up to
speed with what's going on here in addition to directly visiting us at
our url address.

A few things that you should do if you're new to Ning networks or
haven't taken the time to maximize the effectiveness of your internet
presence on this platform:

Click the Settings link in the right hand column under your user name.
Take a moment to upload a photo, tell us a little about yourself,
include a website link and describe your business or interests. You can
also add an email address that you can use for mobile uploads to the

Once you've updated your Profile Settings, click on the My Page link
from within the Settings page (it's on the left side). You've already
made changes to your profile, you can now choose to change the
appearance of your page by changing the template or customizing the
color scheme to your own liking. When you're satisfied with the way
your personal page looks, save your changes and click the My Page
navigation link to actually visit your personal network page.

Use the custom text box to add whatever you like by way of information
about you, your business or services. I prefer to use a bit of html
code that I've copied into all my My Pages across multiple networks
that includes three of my primary internet projects to include my
weblog, my forum, and my business directory website. Below these three,
I've also included a widget that provides updates from my blog along
with a link to my Facebook profile.

After you customize your text box, get right into becoming a part of
our community by authoring a few weblog posts in your own weblog space,
joining some of our groups or creating a new group, participating in
our forum discussions, adding pictures, video, or music to your page
that can be shared with others in the network. While you're at it,
visit some of the other pages and find a few friends to connect with to
share best practices and other mutually beneficial information.

Check out the Resources tab and if you know about events that would
benefit our network add them by clicking on the Events tab. We've even
incorporated a chat feature so that you can connect with other members
who might also be online during a time when you're visiting the
network. If there are other features that you'd like us to consider
adding, just let me know–our network continues to evolve at a
practical pace with technologies that make sense and offer our members
solid value.

We're pleased to have so many new folks joining us at BlackWebpreneur. If you've recently joined, feel free to send me a friend request and
have fun as we collaborate and work together toward progress and

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