From Many Lists to One–The BlackWebpreneur VIP List

Over the many years that I've been online creating an effective web presence, I've been asked about tips and tricks by both new and seasoned marketers alike. I've created many sites and used a variety of email lists to maintain contact with my audiences over time. It's now time to focus on a few of my signature sites and products which means consolidating many of those lists down to one. The BlackWebpreneur VIP List is the one.
This resource list features seldom-discussed and hard-to-find "secrets"that save you time and maximize your exposure. They are only secret because most people don't have the patience to figure them out while they are appropriately focused on promoting their products and services.
I'll use this list to brief a select group of subscribers about what you need to know to really make some things happen. If the BlackWebpreneur Network is a playground for great ideas and useful, free information, then the BlackWebpreneur Resource List is a university of knowledge that will exponentially increase your effectiveness and exposure.

This 41-page ebook is a complimentary sample of the kinds of resources that are available to members of the BlackWebpreneur VIP List. Join our list and let the good times roll.

iceman Baldy is author of the BlackWebpreneur VIP List, a premiere resource list that provides the most effective and efficient value to our African American online business owners and friends.

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