Iceman Baldy’s Organizational Design: Part One of A Three Part Review

I’m taking stock of what I’ve been working on during the past few months and evaluating where I’m most effective and what I need to work on more. This post is as much an exercise in documenting my current thoughts so that I can better focus my efforts as it is an opportunity to share with you just where things stand for me.

I’ll split this post into three parts. I’ll discuss my primary interests along six priorities as Part 1, go into detail on my secondary and support initiatives in Part 2 and review tools and resources that I use for my primary interests and secondary priorities as Part 3.

Part 1

Iceman Baldy Group–the umbrella entity for my online initiatives–has six priorities. They are:

  1. Two weblogs: Iceman Baldy and Effective Web Presence.
  2. One website: The Internet Marketing Files.
  3. One forum: Black Internet Marketing Forum.
  4. One social network: BlackWebpreneur
  5. One email marketing list: the BlackWebpreneur VIP list.

Iceman Baldy remains my primary presence on the web with the associated Twitter account automatically set up to update when I post to my blog. I also use the Iceman Baldy Twitter account to comment on other issues of the day related to technology, entrepreneurship and personal development for BlackWebpreneurs in addition to random musings and anecdotes. The Iceman Baldy weblog is my Grand Central Station of past projects, current ideas and interests, and future considerations–it’s been my online chronicle of activity since the beginning and I’ve been fortunate to maintain most of my content over the years and through many changes in direction and weblog platforms.

I’ve begun to use this blog as the main source for content that I share elsewhere across the web either by using widgets or RSS feeds to syndicate the content and include the blog posts in my other social networking profile pages. You can see my blog integrated within my Facebook profile in addition to on all my Ning profile pages. Automatic updates are also posted to my FriendFeed account.

Effective Web Presence is a relatively new project and what the Rockstar Internet Marketing website has morphed into. It’s an effort at focusing my tips, resources and advice that I’ve shared in more of a generic way without the Iceman Baldy branding to attract a broader audience than my targeted niche. It’s been tough to keep it updated as often as I’d like and we’ll see how long it continues. It may evolve yet again into something of an online institute but it’s too early to say and I need to determine how much work I’m willing to put into keeping it going.

The Black Internet Marketing Forum is continuing to grow in members but the content isn’t as focused as I’d like. Those who contribute often plug their own links without much real depth or instruction in their submissions. I’m also receiving a lot of interest in the forum from members who seem to come from outside the US. Some of the submissions are hard to read due to lots of grammatical errors or poor syntax so I’ve adopted a moderation process where I approve each new member request by evaluating the responses to a few questions related to why the individual wants to join the forum. This has helped to improve the content (and reduce a LOT of spam) but it’s also slowed the number of new memberships and those who join still aren’t taking full advantage of forum features like groups, weblogs and articles. Updates to the forum are also set to post automatically to Twitter through the BlackWebpreneur Twitter account. The forum ranks well in the search engines when you’re looking for sites related to black internet marketing or african american internet marketing forums.

BlackWebpreneur began as a social network for my online business directory, One Million Black I’ve since asked my wife to take over sales and marketing for the directory site as I handle technical aspects of that business and focus more on online marketing of all the other stuff we’ve got going on. I changed what was formerly the One Million Black Business social networking space to BlackWebpreneur network in order to appeal to both those African-American online entrepreneurs who were part of the One Million and others who had an interest in collaborating with other like-minded individuals in more of a Facebook or MySpace style social environment. Where the Black Internet Marketing Forum makes full use of bulletin board technology with quick posting to topics and threaded organization, BlackWebpreneur is more of an interactive social space where members create customized personal pages and showcase photos, video, and music of their choosing while fully engaging with other members through a variety of communications media. It’s my fastest growing project and holds a lot of promise for mutually productive connections between members who are serious about growing their businesses and sharing best practices.

The BlackWebpreneur VIP list is an effort to consolidate the marketing and resource lists that I’ve maintained over the years for many products and email courses in addition to communicating with subscribers on email lists for my weblog and various websites. All of these subscribers share an interest in special resources and topics of interest to BlackWebpreneurs and it’s better if I manage them and other prospective subscribers from a single list instead of spreading myself thin by trying to manage more than ten different lists.

I track how well I make updates across these six endeavors and use my secondary and support initiatives and third level tools and resources to reinforce what I’m doing with these main projects. I’ll review my secondary and support initiatives in Part 2.

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