Day 5 (and more on Day 4) of Building a Better Blog

Building a Better Blog / Wednesday, September 30th, 2009


I've been spending the last few days visiting blogs that I like and modifying my own blog where appropriate to include features that work to make my own blog more attractive.

I've focused on few areas and I hope you've seen some difference:

  • I've decided to use a bolder template to make the immediate impression of my blog a bit more striking
  • I've integrated a Twitter visitor tool using Twitter Remote as opposed to the standard Twitter counter widget that's not as interactive
  • I've made an effort to include more pictures in my posts and future posts will include additional use of video whether my own or embedded from other sources
  • I've done some analysis of where other bloggers get their traffic in term of links or searches based on their keyword tags and made changes to my blog as appropriate
  • I've found new blogs that were good enough to add to my blogroll with hopes that those bloggers will reciprocate as I interact with them more often
  • I'm also increasing my featured content and developing my blog's depth. I have pages that I'd forgotten about that need to be prominently promoted internally and externally as resource gems–visitors can find your site from being strategically directed to specific pages which often rank higher in search engines than your general home page.

Analyzing top blogs in my niche has only begun to pay serious dividends in my blog's longer term growth. I heartily recommend that you do likewise.

On a related but different note, as you evaluate what works for other blogs, don't underestimate what's already working for you. If people are commenting on your posts, they appreciate what you're doing and you should let them know that you appreciate them. Current readers are friends waiting to happen and a quick, personal note of thanks goes a long way. I have been both recipient and sender of such notes and they are at the essence of what blogging and building a community is all about.

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