Google Anayltics Update — How to a Become a Popular Blog

Web/Tech, Weblogs / Saturday, October 24th, 2009

My efforts to increase promotion of the blog are continuing to bear fruit. Since September 23, 2009, the blog has had 203 Visits and 396 Page views with visitors viewing 1.95 Pages/Visit spending an average of three minutes and 37 seconds on the site. 84.73% of the traffic has been new visits.

Anaytics graph 

Where the referring sites, direct traffic and search engines were the ordered sources of my earlier traffic, lately I've received more visits directly and from search engines than from referring sites. It's good to know that people are finding me more frequently in search engines but referring sites are a better way to build a word-of-mouth following. Most people who follow me are looking for the fastest way to make a million dollars. I think I'll create a post on that very subject to see how it plays to others searching on the same terms.

Some quick tips on making your blog popular:

  • Find a way to track your statisitcs, Google Analytics is a great choice–it's simple to use and easy to install. You can also use news readers like Google Reader to create alerts to keep track on online mentions of you blog. If someone is talking about you, you need to know where and why to determine if you're doing something worth repeating.
  • Add your blog to popular directories and participate in forums that relate to your niche. Submit your blog for a review by other members of the network or forum.
  • Integrate you blog posts with Twitter and Facebook–comment on other's blog posts and social network pages. Mention your blog in your emails and on your other websites.
  • Make sure that your social profile pages and forum signatures point back to your blog. This passive promotion works to your advantage when you're commenting on others posts or when someone gets curious and decides to check our your profile.

Becoming popular is a process. Once you determine where your baseline is and how to go about measuring improvements, continue tweaking based on what works and insight from readers on how to make your blog even more attractive. Before you know it, your traffic statistics and readership will start growing right before your eyes.

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