Eliminate Spam — Spend Time Taking Care of Your Site

Entrepreneurship Education, Learning & Development / Wednesday, October 28th, 2009

Some people wonder how the Black Internet Marketing Forum continues to grow so quickly with so little spam given all the automated ways that people try to join your social network for the sole purpose of frivolous marketing. I can tell you that I've had my share of spam on my forum in the past and until I actually took some proactive steps toward getting rid of it and disallowing it in the first place, it was a real source of frustration and diminished forum value.

You can do a few easy things to almost eliminate spam entirely from your website or weblog:

  • Use human verification options like Captcha or other image scripts that require an actual person to examine a series of characters that are unreadable by character recognition software and require manual input.
  • Manually approve memberships or comments by requiring answers to screening questions where you determine if the answers are sufficient. This will require constant monitoring so that you don't allow membership request to pile up and will slow down the growth of your site or individual willingness to provide comments. You have to pick between the lesser of two evils.
  • Monitor site activity and comments. I have my forum set up to notify me via email when there are pending memberships and my network activity is set up to post to a special Twitter account via RSS feeds. I use these automated functions to stay on top of what's happening with my sites so that I can intervene when necessary to remove or disallow any spam content that other attempt to post and ban any current offending members who may have slipped through my safeguards.

These methods require additional time and effort from you or others designated by you to watch over your sites. Depending on the level of spam you may be receiving (or will receive once your site becomes popular), the time you invest minimizing spam will pay off in focused member interactions that are free from frivolous and unnecessary distractions.

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