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A 10 Minute Tutorial on Google Wave. Online collaboration will never be the same.

Wondering what all Google Wave fuss is about? This video is a great summary. Google Wave is poised to become hugely popular and useful.

From TwiTip: Use To Find The Most Engaged and Dearly Departed

Use To Find The Most Engaged and Dearly Departed This is a great tool that was referred to me by TwiTip via Scott Stratten. I've used ReFollow to clean up my Twitter accounts where I've automatically followed folks who don't tweet much or whose tweets really don't match my interests. Tools like this

Black Digerati – Talking Points – Many blacks focus on technology that is “not moving us forward,” says game tester

via Is our game playing savvy really closing the digital divide? Not really, according to professional game tester and Columbia alumnus Akira Thompson. I'm inclined to agree. Though I don't believe that our love of computer games will be our undoing, we do oversubscribe to the use of technology for socializing where technology-driven

New Twitter Retweet Button: It’s Kind of A Big Deal

This TwiTip article explains why the new Twitter retweet button is kind of a big deal. In brief, it means tweets that are retweeted will reach entirely new levels of exposure. It’s time to really get your tweet on.

SMBs to Increase 2010 Email Marketing, Social Media Spend | Small Business Trends

via Summary results from a VerticalResponse study that reports on planned spending for email marketing, social media, search engine marketing, banner advertising, television ad, and radio advertising. It appears that business owners intend to spend more money on getting more social.

WallStats – 389 Years Ago

via This chart provides a typographic journey through four centuries of black history. I found it while Stumbling through sites before deciding to turn in for the night. Nice concept.

A Report from the 2009 African American Interent Marketing Summit

I attended the second annual African American Internet Marketing Summit yesterday in Chicago at the downtown Wyndham hotel. I didn't attend last year and was excited about this year's topical focus on Internet Marketing. Ken Smikle does a great job of organizing this event and Interactive One was one of several outstanding sponsors. I

Calm, Cool, & Connected. Welcome to the Chill Zone.

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5 Tips for Finding Time for Social Media | Social Media Examiner

I am not going to lie to you. Social media does take time. In fact, time is going to be one of your major hidden costs of doing business on the Internet.  And for some of us, that time could be wasted if we are not careful. via Trying to use social media

11 Ways to Influence People Online and Make Them Take Action

Influence can be defined as the power exerted over the minds and behavior of others. A power that can affect, persuade and cause changes to someone or something. In order to influence people, you first need to discover what is already influencing them. What makes them tick? What do they care about? We need some leverage to work with when we’re