Twitter Fieldbook for Black Business Success

News / Sunday, November 8th, 2009


Are you a savvy marketer who understands how to harness the power of Twitter to take your promotional efforts to thier highest level? If not, you need to get your hands on a copy of our latest fleldbook that delivers in-the-trenches know-how so that you can fully integrate Twitter within your current marketing campaign. Twitter is an ideal tool for savvy marketers for a number of reasons:

Immediate contact.

Unlike email, which is typically tied to a desktop or notebook
computer, text messages are much more direct and immediately accessible
via mobile phones. Even those of us who receive our email on our mobile
phones are much more likely to receive text message notification before
checking our mobile email accounts.
Somebody sends you a text, you receive notification of a text, you read
the text. This happens millions of times to millions of people every
day. Text messages get read more often than not.


Because most text messages are limited to 140 characters, you can’t get
long-winded. Messages are short and to-the-point. An update about a new
blog post or a quick recommended link are all you have space to write
about. Brevity also enhances delivery and reading because we know text
messages don’t take up much of our time.

This is both an advantage and disadvantage of text message social marketing.
Text messages are collected together by conversation strings if at all.
There aren’t many good ways to view all of the messages you sent or
received by going to one convenient location. There are some RSS feed
tools that can be used but most messages aren’t tagged or categorized
for easy retrieval or reference so you see them all no matter how

Depending on how often you receive text messages, you may
miss some of the earlier messages or decide that you don’t want too
receive every message immediately.In my fieldbook, I expand on all of these reasons and provide you with a crash course in getting set up and running with your own Twitter accounts–yes, multiple accounts–and the key FREE third party tools that you need to optimize your tweets and maximize your profits.

This fieldbook is a full and comprehensive guide on using Twitter to effectively and efficiently promote your products and services. Twitter is one of the fundamental building blocks of relationship building and social networking. It’s free, easy, and an ultra-convenient way to stay in front of your potential prospects and current customers Available now for the low cost of $19.95.

All of the following topics are covered within the pages of this fieldbook:

  • A Twitter Introduction.
  • What Is Twitter?
  • Why Twitter Makes Sense for Black Entrepreneurs & Marketers!
  • Getting a Twitter Account!
  • Using Your Twitter Account!
  • Putting Twitter Automation to Work For You!
  • Creating Backend Twitter Applications!
  • Tracking Twitter!
  • Using Twitter on Your Website or Blog!
  • Real Examples of Twitterʼs Marketing Power!
  • Ten Ways to Immediately Begin Marketing With Twitter!
  • Killer Twitter Marketing Applications!
  • Other Notable Twitter Internet Marketing Resources!

And–if you’re still not sold on the value of this ebook–each purchase of the fieldbook comes with an offer of individual feedback on the contents of the book or other questions that you may have on using Twitter in your business. A clickable link to my email address is included with permission to contact me for counsel on using this phenomenal tool.

This offer won’t last for long and I’m considering raising the price soon because this introductory price is a value that is far less than the effort expended to put this resource together. I’m offering a discount for early purchasers before my marketing campaign kicks into high gear. Get it now for $19.95.

Special Bonus:

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