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Top 5 Social Media Articles from 2009 | Social Media Examiner

via Between the studies, promotional tips, how-to tutorials, and marketing advice provided by Social Media Examiner over the last few months, it's no wonder it's one of my favorite sites in my RSS reader of social media must-follows. This year-end summary of some of their best is exactly that.

How to Create an Online Media Conglomerate

Once you've discovered your passion for online media through a niche where you have expertise and significant reach, how can you grow even bigger and nurture a community of people who share your interests? Although there is no perfect path to fame and recognition (hopefully some measure of fortune will follow), I've grown a

Seven Super-Fast Steps Toward An Effective Web Presence

Earlier this year, I created a site called "Effective Web Presence." Initially, when I typed the keywords which are also the name of the site into Google, I didn't see much that related to my site. That made sense–the site hadn't been around long enough to be indexed. Still I was surprised considering what

Do you know how big the Internet is? (Infographic)

via A nice graphic from to put the enormity of the internet into perspective.

New Look, New Features, More Progress for 2010!

After much drama in upgrading our platform to more of an article based informational forum, we're pleased to announce that the Black Internet Marketing Forum is ready for the New Year. The forum that you love is still here with a homepage that will highlight some of our best postings and other insights from

Real Estate + Social Media = Naomi Trower — One to Watch

Real Estate + Social Media = Naomi Trower | This was added to THC (The Hustletown Chronicle–my latest project) as a prime example of an entrepreneur who has combined her passion for social media with her considerable experience in real estate to dominate a niche market. Naomi Trower is One to Watch.

Black Digerati: From Digital Consumption to Digital Production

via Black Digerati discusses a recent PEW study that shows that African Americans are ahead of the curve in their use of mobile computing, leading many to conclude that the digital divide is closing; however, how much of our digital use is based on consumption rather than production? Click above to read more.

Looking for Black Business Videos? Check out Black Enterprise Business Reports

Black Enterprise T.V. & Video | BLACK ENTERPRISE Business Report I was searching for excellent videos about black business and ran across the Black Enterprise Business Reports section of the BE website. These videos are exceptional and provide business background information and individual interviews that simply aren't available anywhere else. Check them out.

Can You Take Me To…Hustletown? Black Entrepreneurs: Ya’ll Ain’t Ready.

via The deed is done. I've launched The Hustletown Chronicle and now its a matter of how it will be received and how long I can keep it up by myself. Here's an except from the site news article. The Hustletown Chronicle (THC) is to Black Business entrepreneurial collaboration what the Huffington Post

White Papers and Black Business

The White Paper Pundit A question came up on my forum about the definition of white papers and it occurred to me that many people may not realize the power of white papers as marketing tools. The White Paper Pundit is a great blog with links to free white papers and tips about how