iMac 27″, Google Wave, The Hustletown Chronicle and other Random Thoughts

News / Tuesday, December 1st, 2009


This is a stream of consciousness post. I want a 27" iMac. I don't need one, but I want one. I don't know where I'll put it but I'm mesmerized by the screen and I'm sure that I can use if for training and marketing demonstrations. Black Expo 2010 here I come.

Google Wave seems like a phenomenal application in theory but if the lack of invitations given current demand is an indication of the future, I may have to pass. What will likely result is bandwidth issues as the system becomes overwhelmed by millions of collaborative activities that occur in real-time. Think about the equivalent of the Twitter whale appearing with even greater frequency with Google Wave. We'll see. I think that if it works well, it holds a lot of promise for Waveinars–invitation-based seminars that marketers can host to take participants through an interactive instructional activity. Would work great as a demonstration during an expo or trade conference on a 27" iMac.

I'm not pleased with my webhost right now. I'm still waiting anxiously to get an early version of The Hustletown Chronicle up and running. Hustletown is any place where the entrepreneurial spirit is alive and well and enterprising men and women are getting their grind on–legally of course–but using their urban savvy to put a cost-effective swagger on their marketing efforts. If I had to pick actual examples, Gary, Indiana; Baltimore, Maryland, and Detroit, Michigan would be among my favorite hustletowns. The Hustletown Chronicle will tell the stories of these entrepreneurs and their towns and offer those who want to contribute with an appropriate means for their own expression and participation. Think Huffington Post for black entrepreneurs. Stay tuned.

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