Promoting Your Personal Brand with Social Media

Marketing / Friday, December 18th, 2009

It’s amazing how many people are using social media for socializing and not taking full advantage of its power in personal promotion.

You’ve probably heard expressions made famous through self-help and marketing books like “Brand You” and “Inc Yourself.” The truth of the matter is that each of us really is CEO of our own personal enterprise whether we are employed by an orgnization or self-employed.

Our personal reputation matters, both inside and outside of business, and affects our longer-term success. Likewise, our online presence should be treated as an extension of our reputation and guarded from harm with great care. What happens online stays online–and is publicly available for a long, long time.

When you’re Twittering, Facebooking. blogging, posting pictures and reviewing books or whatever it is you do on the Internet, make sure that the digital history that you’re creating for yourself (and leaving for others to follow) tells a story that you can be proud of.

Everybody is googling everything these days or checking to see if so-and-so is on such-and-such network. It’s amazing to see what comes up after just a few keystokes. I google myself every so often and my businesses, interests, likes and dislikes are all more public than I would have ever thought possible simply based on my online history. I can see how I’ve grown and developed as an online personality and others have commented on things I posted or commented about years ago as they get to know who I am today.

As you grow your business and network with others or if you’re seeking opportunities to join new organizations and collaborate with like-minded people, know that your online brand and reputation will preceed you. A little care and wisdom today can pay significant dividends tomorrow.

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