Automatically Sharing your Typepad posts on Facebook

Marketing, Tools & Sites to Watch, Web/Tech / Saturday, December 19th, 2009

I love automation. Some time ago (apparently I intended to share this much earlier with readers and saved it as a draft post that was never published), I added the Facebook toolbar to my web browser along with changing my publicity options in Typepad. The result is that posts that I make to my weblogs are automatically sent to my Facebook profile page and included in my mini-feeds. I was already importing weblog entries into my notes but this new feature allows for multiple entries from more than one weblog to be listed as mini-feeds that are shared with my friends as updates to my profile. This is great exposure given some recent work I've done to market the weblog within and outside of Facebook. For more you can visit this Typepad link. Instant multiplication of effort across two social platforms and time saved that you can devote elsewhere on your business are goo things.

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