Can You Take Me To…Hustletown? Black Entrepreneurs: Ya’ll Ain’t Ready.

BlackWebpreneur, Marketing, Sites to Watch / Tuesday, December 22nd, 2009


The deed is done. I've launched The Hustletown Chronicle and now its a matter of how it will be received and how long I can keep it up by myself. Here's an except from the site news article.

The Hustletown Chronicle (THC) is to Black Business entrepreneurial
collaboration what the Huffington Post is to participative online news.
Seeing a need for black entrepreneurs strengthen their community
connections while  discussing and the unique challenges each may face
on the road to success, Black Marketing Media founded the online
newspaper as a way to enhance communication and collaboration within
this niche community.

Featuring videos, photos, audio clips and a multitude on
contributions from black entrepreneurs worldwide, The Hustletown
Chronicle promises to become a central source for news and stories
related to black entrepreneurship. Contributions from entrepreneurs and
their supporters are welcome and encouraged.

So far, I'm pleased with the result. I've integrated Amazon and Facebook to at least lay the foundations for monetization and sharing across social platform. I'll consider working on Twitter integration but I don't know what I want to tweet about just yet–it's enough to review the internet for newsworthy content to post along with writing substantial original stuff. The great thing about getting THC started is that it's allowed another place for me to present some of my best stuff in a way that will continue to enhance the Iceman Baldy brand.

I'd like to know what you think. As it starts out some of the special features include Breaking News, Social Media a New and Noteworthy section. Among standard topical focus areas are Business, Education, Networking, Technology, Art & Entertainment, Finance, Interviews & Reviews, Events and Beauty & Fashion. I'm not sure that these will become staples but they're a start and much depends on how much material is submitted related to black entrepreneurship on each of the topics.

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