Seven Super-Fast Steps Toward An Effective Web Presence

News / Monday, December 28th, 2009

Earlier this year, I created a site called "Effective Web
Presence." Initially, when I typed the keywords which are also the name of the site into Google, I didn't see much that related to my site. That made sense–the site hadn't been around
long enough to be indexed. Still I was surprised considering what I found when I typed "Iceman Baldy" and conducted a search.

Clearly, I've got some work to do to get it a little higher and I'm considering working on a new product dedicated to the term as a way to assist others with improving their online brand.

If you're just starting out with defining your online brand, you may be surprised at how little appears when you type your site name into a search engine; but, fear not–I have seven
things that you can do immediately to start changing where you show up
when you start searching for your specific keywords.

  1. Create a headquarters presence. This could be a profile page,
    weblog or lens on a highly trafficked platform like Facebook, LinkedIn,
    Blogger or Squidoo. I have tutorials on this weblog that can assist you
    with this task.
  2. Use your headquarters presence to connect with others by linking
    to people, sites, and things of interest to you that are also
    consistent with the brand image that you want to portray.
  3. Write content or post pictures and links that are interesting and
    informative to further develop your image as an expert while providing
    reasons for others to link to you from their profile pages and websites.
  4. Find sites and weblogs in your area of expertise and leave
    comments on posts that you find interesting or where you can add to the
    discussion. Include your site or profile address in the appropriate
    field so that those who appreciate your comment can visit your site to
    learn more about you and what you're into.
  5. Visit social networks and online communities or forums that are
    dedicated to your interests. If you like what you see, join the
    community and become a contributing member. Use your profile page
    and/or signature there to link back to you headquarters page and
    vice-versa. Your Effective Web Presence should build on itself with
    each new profile pointing back to a primary headquarters location and
    referencing the others where possible.
  6. Use social bookmarking sites like StumbleUpon, Digg, Technorati,
    and to share sites that fit your brand with others who
    might also like what you've tagged. Many of these bookmarking sites
    have their own community features and offer additional opportunities to
    showcase your expertise.
  7. Set up a Twitter account and make sure that your profile page
    includes a link to your headquarters profile or site. Review my Twitter
    resources to get an understanding of how Twitter can build your brand
    and use Twitter to connect with like-minded individuals while also
    providing helpful contributions that build your expertise.

There are many other things you can do to further enhance your
Effective Web Presence. Some are refinements and evolutions of the
steps listed above, others may be a bit more time consuming but these
seven things will give you a quick and dirty headstart on raising
awareness about your online brand and taking you higher in the search
engine results within a few days of their execution.

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