MiFi + Eye-Fi + Wi-Fi = Instant Photo Journalism and The Life of the Party

Web/Tech / Monday, January 4th, 2010


While I was enjoying the Christmas and New Years holidays, I had a chance to fiddle with technology and try some new things that kind of blew my mind. I've got a Canon T1i DSLR camera and recently bought an 4GB Eye-Fi wireless card to save me the hassle of connecting the camera to my computer via the USB cable to upload photos into iPhoto. With the Eye-Fi card, whenever I'm at home and connected to my high-speed wireless network, the pictures are uploaded automatically.

That's nice all by itself, but here's where things get really good. I also bought a Sprint MiFi portable hotspot. The MiFi device is about the size of three or four credit cards stacked together and allows you to take a WiFi 3G hotspot with you wherever you can connect to the Sprint network. It's self-contained, wireless access in your pocket that can be shared with up to five devices at once.

So…given the fact that my sister-in-law was planning a Facebook party for her friends (which was an excellent idea and went over fastiscally), and I wanted to take pictures of the event, I wondered if I could use the MiFi and Eye-Fi combination to instantly upload the pictures to a Facebook album as I took them.

And the answer was?

Yes. And it worked like a charm. I logged onto my Eye-Fi account manager, configured access for my MiFi device and created an upload destination tied to a Facebook album set up just for the party pictures. I put my MiFi card into my pocket, took my camera with me and as i took pictures through the night, I checked the site with my iPhone. Before the evening was over, more than 150 pictures were online and folks at the party had already begun commenting on the event as it was photo-journaled.

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