The Hustletown Chronicle is Featuring Profiles in Black Entrepreneurship

BlackWebpreneur, Current Affairs, Money/Entrepreneurship / Friday, January 8th, 2010

Check out the free publicity that black entrepreneurs are getting on The Hustletown Chronicle. If you have a business that you would like to feature, drop us a line and give us a brief understanding of what you do by answering our virtual interview questions:

Name of Business:
How long in business:
Website address:
Contact Information:
Brief explanation of your business, products and/or services:

1. How did the idea for your business come about?
2.What has been your greatest challenge?
3. What advice would you pass on to other entrepreneurs?
4. How do you generate new ideas?
5. What motivates you or what has been your greatest inspiration?
6. How much time do you spend on managing your business?
7. Where do you see your business in the next five years?
8. What do you like most about being an entrepreneur?
9. How do you market your business and what has worked best?
10. How have you funded your business?

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