The Black Internet Marketing Forum has Added New Forum Categories for Black Online Marketers

News / Saturday, January 9th, 2010


The Black Internet Marketing Forum has Added New Forum Categories for Black Online Marketers

Given our redesign and focus on member networking and collaboration, it's fitting that we add a few new categories to our forum. You can be among the first to being posting in these new areas that are certain to receive enormous traffic as their popularity grows:

Social Media
Our social media category includes Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, MySpace and YouTube with a General Social Media area for other platforms or networks that may be popular with Black Internet Marketers. When our forum began a few years ago, some of these major networks were just beginning to take a foothold and now we find that most of our members maintain an active presence on all of these and more. Share what works for you and what doesn't in this area of the forum.

With Black Internet Marketers taking their businesses and productivity with them on the road, it makes sense to focus on continuous changes in computing technology and mobile devices that are becoming an indispensable part of getting our work done. From laptops, mobile phones, microphones and everything in-between, this is a hot area of the forum for geeks and and novices alike to better understand how technology can help and not hinder your revenue-producing efforts.

I'm also considering opening the Rockstar Internet Marketing area of the forum to the general membership. Some of the items I've stored there are solid products that merit some financial consideration, but in the spirit of providing value to assist others and build relationships, I'm leaning toward making those items free and further enhancing other products that would then be available for folks who want much more in depth information and training.

Let me know what you think and we'll keep making things better and better. I love this stuff!

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