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30 Quick Things You can Do to Properly Promote Your Business

In a little over a months time I will have owned my business for just about three years. When I began using social media some thirty six months ago, I had no real marketing background experience, and I certainly had never written a blog post, interacted in a forum, or sent a Tweet. via

Sistasense’s Lashonda Henry Offers 90 Business Videos via YouTube

via LaShanda Henry, web entrepreneur, work at home mom, web coach, self-published author and social networking guru, is offering 90 days worth of business videos on her YouTube channel or via links from her Sistasense website. The videos are informative, entertaining, quick tutorials on a wide range of internet-based business topics that will A quick CASHFLOW review

One thing startup entrepreneurs and aspiring moguls can't get enough of is good business advice. How much monthly spending is too much? Is taking on additional equity investment the first time you're able to a bad idea? Are your employees secretly plotting to assassinate you? (Some probably are, yes. But chances are they'll never

Keeping Time While Maintaining Style

This isn't a newly released watch but it caught my attention while i was shopping for something much, much less expensive. I didn't even consider spending $1,400 on this killer, but I did stare at it for a while. Very nice.   Gucci Digital Watch, 2010 Spring/Summer Watch, $1,345 Related articles by Zemanta Special

The Digital Dilemma: Upgrading Your Camera or Computer “Just Because”

I purchased a Canon DSLR camera about six months ago after I left my other relatively new camera in a New York taxi cab. It's a T1i model that shoots HD video in addition to taking outstanding low-light shots and capturing fast action shots with reasonable clarity. This is my first DSLR and I've

Start Your Own Social Network in Seconds With Stribe « Black Web 2.0

via Take social networks one step further and incorporate them directly within your website and you've got a full understanding of what Stribe offers. I've requested an invitation to begin using the platform and I'll add it to Black Media Marketing to see how well it works.

How I’m Becoming a Trust Agent on the Web

I just turned off my Kindle after finishing another great book on about using the internet to optimize my web presence by becoming a person of influence and trust in the way that I operate online and in the manner that I'm using the web to further my business relationships. The book is Trust