I’ve Decided to Sell my Kindle2. Wow.

News / Wednesday, April 7th, 2010

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Although I still love the device and prefer its lighter weight, slim profile and integrated 3G wireless capabilities over my new iPad, the duplication between devices and the cost of owning both no longer makes sense.

My Kindle2 and it's Amazon leather case have been listed on eBay and may sell before this post is complete. It would be nice to go to bed with some new money in my PayPal account.

There are debates all over the web about whether the iPad will kill the Kindle. For a dedicated eReader, the Kindle is hard to beat. It's the perfect size though the screen could be a bit larger and its much easier to hold than the iPad, which though slim and relatively light, is more than twice as heavy as the Kindle2.

The iPad excels in being an eReader and so much more which helps to justify its weight. Free 3G integrated wireless capabilities on the Kindle2 are an advantage over the first iPads that have been released that are WiFi only. The Kindle's price is far less than even the WiFi-only iPads but $260 was still significant money to spend on an electronic device last time I checked.

Farewell traveling buddy and thanks for allowing me to feed two of my worst addictions simultaneously: books and technology. iPad, let's see what you got.

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