The iPad as a Replacement Laptop While Overseas

Web/Tech / Tuesday, April 13th, 2010

I recently took a trip to the United Kingdom and decided to leave my Macbook at home so that I could take my iPad and use it exclusively as my computing device of choice. i’m sure you’re wondering, “How did things go?”

it was amazing. The iPad performed very capably as an entertainment machine. While i did watch two movies using the plane’s in-flight system, I did have an occasion to complete an ebook using the Amazon Kindle eReader application in addition to watching an episode of HBO’s The Wire. The battery level never fell below 75% during the entire day including extended use once I arrived at my hotel and watched a few more TV episodes given the awful television programming in my hotel room.

The only disadvantage of having the iPad was not remembering to bring my WiFi access point with me during my domestic layover in Chicago. I’m not a Boingo subscriber and that was the only option at O’Hare. Once i arrived in the United Kingdom, roaming charges would have made using my mobile phone or portable hotspot prohibitively expensive. Since they only had wired access in the hotel rooms, I had to spend time in the lobby using wireless access to check email, respond to social networking requests, and download a movie for the ride home.

The iPad was a bit of a celebrity in Europe. It hasn’t been released in the UK, so it attracted even more attention than it did when I made the mistake of taking it to a friend’s Easter dinner family get together. It was easy to use, connected quickly and effortlessly to available networks and allowed me to stay current with all my online goings on. Aside form not being able to use the wired connection in my room, it performed well and allowed me the freedom of not having to lug my Macbook with me as a second computer along with my work laptop 

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