Every Entrepreneur Needs a Proper Briefcase

Tumi Alpha Portfolio

Since returning to the States from a recent trip overseas, I've become fascinated with luggage–specifically messenger bags and briefcases for carrying my documents and tech. I was convinced that I wanted a Louis Vuitton black Damier leather briefcase with a shoulder strap for optionally carrying it across the body. I saw a lot of really nice leather bags and few seems to exude the elegance of the LV brand although they are quite expensive and a little over the top in the showoff category. I struggled with whether I wanted to spend the money and attract the attention that comes with ownership of Louis Vuitton products.

Well, it seems that I've found a solution (at least for the time being). While killing time before going to see Iron Man 2, my wife and I spend the afternoon walking around a mall on the north side of town and i decided to take a look at what briefcase options might exist at the Tumi store. I came out with the perfect bag for carrying a few documents, a book, business cards, pen, iPad and MiFi portable hotspot–the Tumi Slim Deluxe Leather Portfolio. It's small enough for carrying a few necessary items for the day and stylish enough to satisfy the most discriminating buyer. The leather will wear well over time, it carries a proper brand pedigree without shouting its value to the world, and the complimentary monogramming service adds a nice personalized touch.

Now I need to take inventory of the several other business bags around the house and in the garage to determine what stays and goes. Between a couple of Coach briefcases, and Eddie Bauer or Swiss Army rolling business bags, I need to scale back to one slim briefcase (the Tumi satisfies), one or two medium business bags/messenger bags (Coach) and one rolling business bag for serious travel where I need to take a portable office with me. All the other assorted bags and backpacks need to go in favor of more appropropriate strorage systems or elimination of the stuff that's in the bags that I probably don't need anyway.

What kind of bags do you use to maintain your on-the-go executive, entrepreneurial lifestyle?

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