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Entpreneurial Reality TV: Making Moves

via Here’s something else to occupy your time and keep you distracted while dreaming about the business that you could start yourself. Good thing the episodes are short. In all seriousness, it’s a nice concept and should be a promising series. Posted via email from Iceman Baldy’s Notebook

Is it Possible to Have Too Many Apple Products?

I'm not afraid to admit it–I'm a longtime Apple loyalist. I grew up an an Apple IIe in high school where I first played with programming and graphic design. I have owned several generations of Mac desktops and laptops and iPods and iPhones. I currently own a 32GB Wifi iPad, an aluminum MacBook, a

First Apple Got Rid of the Computer, Now They Got Rid of the Mouse: Apple – Magic Trackpad

via Have one, I will. Posted via email from Iceman Baldy’s Notebook

Are We Becoming Less Digitally Divided?

A recent report by the Pew Internet and American Life Project found that mobile internet access by African-Americans has increased by seven percentage points since last year and that mobile phone ownership and the use of mobile phone features is greater among this group than whites. Does any of this suggest that the digital

The Facebook Movie? Fail.

via So, who wants to see the Facebook movie? Ugh. Please. Geek Squad reality TV can't be far behind.

As iPhone Signal Drops, Apple Stock Flops Below Microsoft « Black Web 2.0

It looks like efforts by Steve jobs to end Antennagate have failed to turn the story around. People are still upset and a free case just isn’t cutting it. As this whole thing began to spin out of control, we saw Consumer Reports unable to recommend purchase of the device. This was despite that

Blackberry 6 or iPad?

Current reports suggest that Research in Motion has plans to launch a BlackBerry tablet with a seven-inch screen, two video cameras and Flash support. Here’s a video highlighting some of the features which seem awfully Apple-like. I hate my Blackberry phone and have no interest in a Blackberry tablet that mimics the iPad’s features. RIM may be

Giving Posterous a Try

I read about posterous as a tool for more effective management of my social sites where almost anything can be posted via email to any of my sites. I’m intrigued, especially when it comes to presentations and documents, so I’m giving it a shot and will test it during this week. This is my

Become a Bigger Twitter Figure with

Image via CrunchBase Find the Best Twitter Apps – oneforty Twitter fiends will love It's a collection of 3,000 tools that will make Twitter a more useful resource in your personal and professional updates. Oneforty includes applications for all of the most popular platforms and operating systems and groups its resource directory by

The Single Best Guide to Social Media for Business Thus Far.

Thanks to Scott Monty for the tip. Eloqua Social Media Playbook Related articles by Zemanta Social Media Playbook ( Steal Eloqua's Playbook (