Is it Possible to Have Too Many Apple Products?

Web/Tech / Tuesday, July 27th, 2010


I'm not afraid to admit it–I'm a longtime Apple loyalist. I grew up an an Apple IIe in high school where I first played with programming and graphic design. I have owned several generations of Mac desktops and laptops and iPods and iPhones. I currently own a 32GB Wifi iPad, an aluminum MacBook, a 27" iMac and an iPhone 3GS. Despite the Windows world that consumes my daytime work and 9 to 5 productivity, my evenings and personal pursuits are Made on a Mac and I'm happy to toil into the wee hours of the morning on tools that simply get the job done with ease, style and aplomb.

When the iPad was introduced, leading critics said that only a small minority would own multiple Apple devices but I wonder how many of us were multiple Apple product owners before the "magic" happened. It's not uncommon for many households to have a Mac desktop or laptop in addition to and iPod and/or an iPhone–that's already three complementary Apple products. Despite opinions about whether the ipad is a redundant device, is adding an iPad to a community of Apple appliances really that big of a deal?

Maybe that begs a bigger question: are we moving from an age where the computer was the center of our digital lifestyle to a new age where our digital lifestyle is defined by cloud computing via mobile devices and workstation hubs? This new age allows us to choose devices that suit our preferences–mobile communicators, music and video jukeboxes and casual computing media machines, have joined portable computers as technology options; each has it's own distinct advantages and disadvantages but none operates to the exclusion of the others.

So, can you have too many Apple products? Sure, it's expensive (whether Apple or otherwise–tech isn't cheap) and I sometimes wonder if my gadgets are more toys than tools but nothing beats Apple's product integration and their ability to work together when I set my mind to accomplishing a task for business or for pleasure. What about you: how many Apple products do you own and how many is too many?

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