The Brown Twitter Bird and How Black People Use Twitter?


Check out this article from with thoughts about how black people use Twitter. I don't agree with the author's assumptions about how black people use Twitter, and even the author knows that it's not possible to do an accurage demographic analysis, but it's a fair assessment of how younger users tend to maximize social platforms for fun and entertainment. What's more interesting is the Twitter bird graphic that was used–it's an artistic brown Twitter bird wearing a baseball cap (appropriately oversized and cocked to the side) and typing a text message on a BlackBerry-style device. The graphic has gone viral thanks to a responding article at Instant Vintage showcasing a number of brown bird variations for your blogging pleasure. Thanks to innnyvinny for his work (including the bald brown birdie you see here and BlackWeb2.0 for the referring link to both sites and their own take on this the brown bird movement.

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