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You’ve Come a Long Way Baby: My Love of Technology Over the Years

This was a post that I wrote many years ago that focused on my affinity for Personal Digital Assistants (PDAs). It was cutting edge then–in an era before iPhones, Androids, iPads and Playbooks–and I had to laugh at how dated it is and where I left off in my journey toward technological nirvana. I'm

Social Media Fundamentals: My Prezi Presentation

Social Media Fundamentals on Prezi

10 Google Services that Every Entrepreneur Should Be Using Right Now

Great article by Mitchell Harris that was featured on the Atlanta Post 10 Google Services that Every Entrepreneur Should Be Using Right Now By Mitchell Harris The formula for making money in business is actually quite simple, you must make sure your customers find you and buy from you. This formula is dramatically simplified

Black Internet Marketing Forum for Black Webpreneurs – The Power of Social Media: This Video Sums It All Up Nicely

via If you have questions about whether social media is the next significant change in our communications or just a fad, watch this video. Nothing more need be said. Posted via email from Iceman Baldy’s Notebook

TheCASHFLOW – Business Social: Announcing TheCASHFLOW Community

via This, I’m looking forward to. I often share TheCASHFLOW updates on The Hustletown Chronicle and on my Facebook wall. The site is also a favorite that I review via my RSS newsreader. If the content is any indication, the community should be both popular and productive. Posted via email from Iceman Baldy’s

10 Must-Reads for Urban Entrepreneurs | BrandMakerNews

via Looking for success tips from people that look like you who’ve made it to the big time? Then take a look at 10 books recommended by BrankMakerNews for urban entrepreneurs who include Russell Simmons, 50 Cent, Barack Obama, Bob Johnson, Daymond John, Kimora Simmons, and Malcolm Gladwell. I’ve read several of these

Google Instant: Love It or Hate It? [POLL]

via So you’ve noticed something different about your favorite search engine and the source of all knowledge–Google. Instant search is a new feature that has been added to make it even easier and faster for you to ask the Wizard for anything that your heart desires. How do you like it so far?

Tristan Walker Leads the Pack on Location-Based Phone Apps << The Root

via As much as I don’t like location-based applications as they reveal too much about our individual whereabouts to those who may appreciate the fact that we’ve announced that we aren’t home, I do like what Tristan Walker is doing to lead the way for a new phase of mobile marketing in his

HOW TO: Run Your Business Online with $10 and a Google Account << Mashable

via So you still don’t have a website or blog and you’re wondering how to get things up and running with very little money. This post tells you how to make it happen with step-by-step instructions that include registering your own domain name. You can have a very professional site online in very

Black Comic Book Creators and Social Media Pt. 1 « Black Web 2.0

via You can’t be a tech-loving geek and not be a fan of comic books. Black-owned web comics represent a niche that has been around for a while and is now making its way front and center via social media. Read this article by Black Web 2.0 where several of the best black