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Macbook Air vs iPad: First Impressions & A Football Weekend Experience

I spent the weekend using both my iPad and my new 11.6″ Macbook Air while visiting with my parents and relaxing on Halloween Day. I’ve read a few postings and online reviews about the Macbook Air, also known as the MBA, and the general statements about build quality, screen resolution, and speed are all

20 Real Tips for Hiring a Social Media Consultant | Social Media Today

via If you’re marketing your services as a Master Social Media Mogul, you should check this list against your own standing to see if you pass muster. It’s a terrific list for ensuring that you’re providing real value to customers and clients and not giving them lip service or cursory advice on how

Diversity in Tech: Be the Change You Want to See | Black Web 2.0

via Navarrow Wright has written a great feature at Black Web 2.0 on the need for African-American tech heads and IT professionals to get more involved with opportunities that lead to greater visibility and ultimately greater business leadership and entrepreneurial influence. Posted via email from Iceman Baldy’s Notebook

The Kool-Aid Tastes Great: Why I Bought a Macbook Air

I just paid more Macintax to the good folks at Apple Computer. Right now, I'm transferring files from my Aluminum Macbook to my iMac and then over to my 11" Macbook Air (MBA)–less some of the video, photos, and music files which take up lots of memory–before giving the MBA a full test over

Black Marketing Media Has A New Look!

  I've been busy refreshing my Black Marketing Media website and I've got to say that I'm quite pleased with the results. I spend a few hours with a consulting template that I purchased to provide a completely new look to my marketing site while also revamping my product offerings. The result is a

Five Quick and Dirty Steps to Making Money with Social Media

The internet is full of articles on this subject. I'm in the process of completing a seminar that I'll present at the end of this month to an esteemed group of women entrepreneurs who have an interest in making better use of social media in their businesses. Here's a brief overview of my presentation–kind

The Black List Project

via The Black List Project follows from an HBO special where African American notable personalities and celebrities share their insights on black life in America. This YouTube video site features several of the videos from volumes I, II and III. You must definitely visit the site and check out several of the videos.

How to Integrate Video Into Your Social Media Marketing | Social Media Examiner

via Tonight, I was watching a friend conduct her first live video broadcast on Ustream. She’s a veteran video expert but most of her videos are recorded and uploaded for viewing later. This was her first in-person, live interaction with a group of fans who she was kind enough to send a message

Twitter and Facebook Are Not a Marketing Strategy

Just a quick post about what is becoming an over-reliance by business owners to use Twitter and Facebook as the exclusive means for building awareness or for promoting their products or services. Don't get me wrong, both Twitter and Facebook may have a place in your overall marketing strategy, but that's just the point–you

Damond Nollan: Introduction to

via Damond talks about his use of, a service by the same folks that brought us blogtalkradio. People have been using blogtalkradio for some time to record their own radio shows and now CinchCast allows you to use your mobile phone record micro podcasts with the ability to include pictures and text.