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Tonight, I was watching a friend conduct her first live video broadcast on Ustream. She’s a veteran video expert but most of her videos are recorded and uploaded for viewing later. This was her first in-person, live interaction with a group of fans who she was kind enough to send a message to prior to the broadcast in order to give the system a try and provide some useful information in the process. It was an overwhelming success and I was very impressed by her comfort in being a little awkward with the technology while still endearing her fans with powerful tips for success. Her husband even interrupted the program on one occasion and their back and forth while we were on virtual hold, added to the authentic nature of the broadcast. Great job LaShanda!

That got me thinking about a JVC Everio HD video camera that’s been lying in the corner of my bedroom near my night stand with all the books that I’ve yet to get around to reading. It’s one of those cameras that I had to have when they came out but didn’t realize it wouldn’t work with my computer due to synchronization issues. It’s not as small and fancy as some of the latest equipment available but it might just make a good dedicated camera for broadcasting live video. And maybe my newer computers and subsequent software releases will fix the earlier incompatibility issue.

At any rate, I began thinking about the use of video in my own social marketing efforts and ran across this article from Social Media Examiner that provides some great insight on just that topic.

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