Bring Your A Game – Watch the Documentary Film for Free | SnagFilms


via From the SnagFilms website: To generate a national conversation on the plight of Black men and boys, the Twenty-First Century Foundation (21CF) has partnered with actor–director Mario Van Peebles and producer Karen Williams to create BRING YOUR A GAME — a groundbreaking documentary film that, in Van Peebles’ words, “sheds light on the […]

November 22, 2010

YFS Magazine » Born to Lead: Do you have the Entrepreneurship Gene?


via Nurture or nature? This article from Young, Fabulous & Self-employed (YFS) suggests that whether you become an entrepreneur is slightly less than 50% based on inherent traits that each individual possesses in addition to your own self-determination. Whether you buy into that argument or not, the specific traits of successful leaders that are […]

November 18, 2010

Facebook Email: Does the world really need another mega-email client?


via It’s been rumored that “Facebook’s Gmail Killer, Project Titan, Is Coming On Monday.” Does the world really need another mega-email client? I’m all for competition and ongoing improvements, but I’m not crazy about using an email system that’s entirely integrated with one social platform. As much as I like using Facebook, there have […]

November 13, 2010