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News / Sunday, December 12th, 2010

Ditial Clutter

I have a lot of stuff that I’ve read and studied over the years related to social media and internet marketing. At one point, I had a website that I used as a place to store several gigabytes of content that I also made available to many of my friends and followers. Some of you may remember it–it was called the Internet Marketing Files. I’ve since let the site go as it was too much of an additional effort to maintain but I’ve always thought it was worth sharing the resources that helped me so much instead of becoming a digital hoarder.

Then it struck me.

Why try to maintain a separate site when I’ve got a great forum already that is also the perfect audience for sharing these tools and resources? All the members at the Black Internet Marketing Forum have a hunger for learning more about how to effectively use social media and internet marketing to grow their businesses and they would love to have access to solid content and exceptional resources that I’ve used and would be willing to share.

So I’ve done just that. The Internet Marketing Files is now a special, subscriber-only forum that I maintain at the Black Internet Marketing Forum.

So far, I’ve posted 25 resources and counting to include ebooks, lessons, video & audio files and internet marketing product packages for your use in growing your business. Many can also be used as revenue streams that can be offered to your customers. Over time, this subscriber-only area will grow to include hundreds of resources that you can use and access as often as you like.

As a holiday-only promotion, I’m sending this note to all of my current readers in the hope that you’ll subscribe to this exclusive area of my forum. The annual access subscription is only $20 and the current value of what has been uploaded exceeds several hundred dollars and includes over 100 gigabytes of information. I intend to raise the price as more content is added but you can get in now and lock in an early access rate.

Take a look, spend 20 bucks, share it with your friends and let me know what you think.

All the Best,

Iceman Baldy
Administrator, Black Internet Marketing Forum

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