Squarespace: Is it Worth the Move?

I’ve struggled to find a effective blogging platform for use on mobile phones (specifically the iPhone) or the iPad. I use typed for my weblog and the Typepad mobile app isn’t reliable enough for my use and the website isn’t optimized for full use on Apple mobile devices.

My workarounds have included emailing posts to Posterous and the best application so far has been Amplify with a bookmark feature that works amazingly well on my iPad.

I recently saw a post about an iPhone and iPad application from a blogging platform called Squarespace. Squarespace offers social media integration with the web-based platform and the mobile application. Is anybody using Squarespace and is it the best thing out there for mobile blogging or have you found a better solution?

Amplify’d from www.squarespace.com

In 2003, after being unable to find a way to elegantly publish his personal website, Anthony Casalena began work on the software that is now the Squarespace Platform. Since its inception, Squarespace has blossomed into a product that powers tens of thousands of sophisticated websites for businesses, bloggers, and professionals worldwide and currently serves billions of hits per month.

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